Workshop 3

Managing metal corrosion

As well as humidity, many metals are sensitive to pollution. The MEMORI project developed a series of online tools to guide measurement, assess results and mitigate risk from the most common damaging pollutants. The workshop will guide participants through this process. They will learn to use low cost measurement methods including commercial diffusion tubes, A/D strips with colorimetry and Oddy tests. The workshop will discuss how and when to undertake measurement campaigns, how to assess the results, and a series of mitigation methods used within a decision support model. Showcase assessment and refitting will be a significant part of the workshop. Participants will need to bring their own laptop with Excel and Internet Explorer. Macs can only be accommodated by predownloading the programs (which will be the participants responsibility) and external pollution ingress calculations will may not be possible.

The workshop is complete

Short bio

David Thickett graduated in natural sciences in 1988 and worked in the refractories industry before joining the British Museum in 1990, where he specialized in inorganic materials and preventive conservation. He joined the Collections Conservation Team of English Heritage in 2003. Research interests include the tarnishing of silver, light and RH control methods in historic buildings, protection of outdoor metals, reburial of architectural stone, and panel painting microclimate frames. He is a an assistant coordinator of the International Council of Museums Committee for Conservation Metals Working Group, UK expert to CEN TC 364, Conservation of Cultural Heritage and directory board member of the Infrared and Raman Users Group.

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