Visit 5


Number of participants: 20 max.

Schedule: 13:00 (Departure from conference venue) – 17:30 (the trip lasts around 30 minutes)

Adress: Chemin de la Roussette 17, 2016 Cortaillod

Access: from Neuchâtel by Littorail (n°215 at Place Pury Littorail) and bus (n°613 at Areuse Littorail gare) (participants will be guided by HE-Arc CR students).


Charles G. Renaud (1917-2006) was one of the first Swiss collectors of historic vehicles. Initially, his preference was for Italian sports cars such as Bugatti. In the fifties, Charles Renaud himself began with automobile racing and, under the pseudonym “Gaston”, also drove the legendary Grand Prix Bern. In 1992 Charles Renaud’s exclusive vehicle collection was transferred to the “Fondation E. et C.R”. In line with the purpose of the foundation, a museum with an information centre was set up in Cortaillod to advertise automobiles in the historical, technical and aesthetic context. In 1993, the collection already numbered over a hundred vehicles that were restored, maintained and exhibited in Cortaillod. On suitable occasions and events, Charles Renaud took the opportunity to drive them himself.


The Renaud foundation is a private collection of historical cars, counting 86 vehicles dating from the end of 19th century to the beginning of the 21st, produced by 64 brands and originating from 9 countries. The program includes a guided visit to the collection, the presentation of some case studies of different restoration policies and the demonstration of monitoring of engine’s functioning by means of Acoustic Emission techniques developed in the frameworks of the ACUME_HV project.

Presenters / organisers

For the Renaud Foundation
  • Laurent Mattey
For HE-Arc CR
  • Laura Brambilla, conservator scientist
  • Alejandro Roda Buch, mechanical engineer
  • Brice Chalançon, manager of restoration workshop at National Museum of Cars, Mulhouse (France)
  • Assisted by master student Augustin Duc

13:00 Departure from conference venue

13:28: Departure Place Pury Littorail (n°215) and bus (n°613). Arrival at 13:55

14:00 – 14:15: Welcome at Cortaillod, introduction to the activity by Laurent Matthey and Laura Brambilla (history of the collection and collaboration with HE-Arc CR)
14:15 – 15:30: Visit of the collection by Laurent Matthey
15:30 – 15:50: Presentations of selected case studies by Brice Chalançon
15:50 – 16:30: Debate on the topic “State(s) of restoration of historical vehicles today”
16:30 – 17:00: Demonstration of Acoustic Emission measurements by Alejandro Roda and Brice Chalançon
17:00: End of the activities and return to Neuchâtel at 17:45 (bus n°613 and Littorail n°215)

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