1 or 2-days workshops will be proposed to the participants before the conference on specific topics / techniques. The official language will be English.

Workshop 1

Sunday, September 1st 2019

Diagnosing microclimate airtightness using pressure methods for metals conservation by James Crawford.

Workshop 2

Sunday, September 1st 2019

In-situ electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for metal heritage by Paola Letardi, Blanca Ramirez Barat and Emilio Cano.

Workshop 3

Sunday, September 1st 2019

Low RH and clean environments to preserve metal objects by David Thickett.

Workshop 4

Day 1 Saturday, August 31st

An introduction to laser cleaning possibilities by Bartosz A. Dajnowski.

Day 1 and 2, Saturday August 31st & Sunday September 1st

Laser operator training and certification by Bartosz A. Dajnowski.